Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visit of university students from "Faculty of engineering"

Our company had been visited by some of the university students from "Faculty of Engineering University of Moratuwa". During their visit they have gone through a overall introduction of our company and the technology we use to produce "Concrete and other pre-cast products". It was a complete full day seminar which is been organized by the courtesy of "Sierra Readymix (pvt) Ltd". Entire seminar was organized by the administration staff and director general manager Mr. Lal weerasinghe. Here are few captured moments of their visit to our company premises.

University students have been explained about our concrete production plant by the Mr. Lal Weerasinghe himself. (from left, 2nd Mr. Lal Weerasinghe)

The guests are getting some hands on experience with our Pre-cast products.

Class room sessions which was held in the Sierra Readymix Board room to educate them with our theories in production.

After the full day of seminar in our factory, we bid goodbye to the students, Just before they leave the company premises. (* From right 3rd person is company's DGM Mr. Lal Weerasinghe)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Bana" buddhist monk's preaching held on Sierra Readymix office premises

This is another religious event held by sierra readymix (pvt) ltd on November 17th of Tuesday 2009 at the office premises. Goal of this special religious event is for the psychological well being of the office staff. It is believed that by listening to the teaching of buddha, one can attain a certain state which can calm them selves even on the most pressured situations in their lives. "Bana Preaching" event was organized by the director general of sierra readymix Mr. Lal weerasinghe with help of the administrative staff. Here are few captured moments of the event.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The "Alms Giving" for buddhist monks and preaching of "Bana Deshana"

An important event has taken place in Sierra Readymix (pvt) Ltd on 6th of october 2009. It is an "alms giving" for the buddhist monks (Dhanaya) and listening to the preachings of Buddhism "Bana". This event was organized by Sierra Readymix to celebrate 4th annivesary of the company. All of the sierra readymix employees have participated in this religious event. Bana was held 9th of october at 4pm and the "Alms Giving" was held at following morning at 6:30am in the morning.

Why our batching plant is one of the best in sri lanka....

Since this is one of the initial posts on our official blog, i thought i would post a brief introduction of our batching plant and reveal who we are. Sierra Ready-mix (pvt) Ltd is a company mainly in production for ready-mix concrete. We also does other concrete based precast products such as blocks, paving blocks and also concrete curbs, We have many other projects proposed for future but above mentioned are the ones that are currently ongoing projects.

Environmental friendly production

We are the only concrete batching plant in Sri Lanka which is the production is being carried out with no effect to the surrounding natural environment. All of our operations are carefully being carried out in such a way that it will not cause any damage to natural environment. We are practicing few well known methods to reduce the pollution from our productions to the max. Here are few of them.
  • A teak plantation is being carried out within the premises to minimize the dust released to the environment from the production.

  • The food and canton waste is been used to make natural compost fertilizer. Our staff is also being trained and educated to engage in home gardening activities using home made compost. Even the rain water is being carefully harvested to use on washing and gardening purposes. Basically in Sierra Readymix (Pvt) Ltd, nothing goes to waste.

  • The cement and concrete mixture that is left in the transport trucks after product delivery is been carefully extracted and properly treated. Then the extracted material is been re-used to make precast products such as Concrete blocks, Paving Blocks etc.

We are a ""5S"" Standard implemented company

Sierra Readymix has implemented ""5S"" Standard through "Sri Lankan national productivity secretariat". Our staff is also well trained and aware of maintain ""5S"" Standards within the company premisis at all time.

That concludes the very brief introduction of our company, and also i must mention that "Sierra Readymix (pvt) Ltd" is the only readymix company in sri lanka who recieved a Merit Award for national productivity 2008 within the first year after launching the company.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to Sierra Readymix (pvt) Ltd's Official blog.

First of all, i would like to welcome you all to "Sierra Readymix (pvt) Ltd's" official blog. We will be posting all the events etc.. that takes place in our company on this blog. Company has decided to post some of the recent past events and some of the important past events to the blog because it will be open for everyone to see and even make comments on them. This blog is best viewed in 1024X768 32Bit color resolution and above. Thanks again for visiting our official blog.